Frequently Asked Questions


1. What Are Removable Caps?

Removable caps are highly fashionable product that we began marketing over 15 years ago, but have been in style for the past 35 hundred years worn by the rich kings and queens. These are the actual caps that will fit in over your existing teeth, both front and back. They are flexible to use and you have the advantage to either leave them on or remove them as you please.

2. What is a Mold Kit?

A Mold Kit is an impression material that is used to take a perfect imprint of your mouth.

3. Do I Really Need A Mold Kit?

"Yes" The only way to precisely make your gold caps, we need an exact impression of your teeth. You will receive the mold kit by mail with all the instructions in how to use it. There will be enough to take several molds. If you prefer to send us your mold you can do so.

4. Can A Dentist Make My Mold?

"Yes" If you have a local dentist that will take your mold, it will be acceptable.

5. What Are The Different Types Of Gold Do We Offer?

10kt Gold - Is the hardest type of gold. However, it tends to tarnish quickly, especially for smokers. ”Not recommended by dentists.”

14kt Dental - Will not tarnish as fast 14kt regular gold if you don't smoke it practically will not tarnish

18kt Dental - It is recommended for everybody including all the smokers to order 18kt dental, because it rarely tarnishes. "It is also recommended by all the dentists."

22kt Gold - It never tarnishes. Most of the dentist use it. 14kt White Gold - It gives the look of silver and tarnishes very slowly.

18kt White Gold - It gives the look of Platinum and almost doesn't tarnish. Platinum - It is the strongest material that our caps are made from. Platinum never tarnishes.It’s recommended by all the dentists.

6. Do They Look Real?

Yes, they do. Since we use the actual mold of your teeth taken by you or your dentist, it gives us an exact shape of your teeth.

7. Can I Order My Own Design?

Yes you can. After placing on order, you can make a drawing of the design that you wish and where you want them located. You can fax us your request to (212) 398-2502 upon your completion someone will call you back with the details and price on the product, please include your telephone. Please click here to view our contact information.

8. What The Maximum Number Of Caps That I Can Order?

You can order up to 12 teeth on top and 12 teeth on the bottom. If you have any additional preferences, please contact our customer service by clicking here.

9. How Long It Takes To Get My Caps?

As soon as we receive your mold, you will get your order in 3-4 business days, depending on the shipment you prefer.

10. Can I Eat, Or Sleep With The Caps In?

It is not recommended to eat or sleep with your caps in due to dental hygiene. However, we do know that some of our customers do. You must clean your gold teeth as often as you clean your teeth to get rid of all of the bacteria. Gold teeth should not be treated as Dental Work but should be treated just like any other peace of jewelry.

11. Can I Remove The Caps Easily?

Yes you can remove them easily and put them back on just as easy.

12. The Caps Only Cover The Front Of My Teeth?

"Yes" The caps cover the entire front and backside of your teeth. Except on your molar teeth that in most cases will interfere with your bite.

13. How Do I Keep My Caps Clean?

You can use a polishing cloth that you receive from us to be used only on the outer portion of your gold teeth. The inside portion you can gently brush with a toothbrush. You can also drop your gold teeth in mouth wash over night.

14. How Long Will The Caps Last?

Your caps will last for as long as you will take care of them. We have customers that are wearing our custom made gold caps for over 10 years now. It all depends on the individual.

15. Why Order Caps From Us?

Because we are the direct manufactures of our own products. We offer the best quality of our material and work we stand behind our quality not like other companies.

16. How Do I Order A Set?

You can either order online, or call our customer service direct. Please make sure to have your style number ready if you wish to place on order via phone. You can view our customer service information page..

17. What Types Of Payment Do You Accept?

We accept all kinds of payments. Certified Checks or money orders mailed in, and Visa or Master Cards thru

18. What Do You Charge For Shipping And Handling?

The price various on the type of shipping service you prefer.

19. What Is Return Policy?

Due to the fact that all of our products are custom made, for each individual there are no refunds. However, if the product does not fit properly after it had been made 3 times, you can call in our customer service line by getting the returned merchandise number. You must let us know that the caps did not fit within 24 hours from the time you have received them. We must receive the product back with in two days. We will then examine why the product did not fit and decide if it was at our fault. (To contact us click here).