Wholesale page

E Gold USA Inc has an outstanding team of people prepared to make gold teeth for you.  All is required of you is to send us the orders and we'll make your teeth according to your needs.  Upon acceptance into our extensive wholesale program, you will be able to buy gold teeth from us at wholesale rates. The wholesale rates will allow you to make a very significant profit with every single order you receive.


 How to become a Wholesaler

To become a wholesaler with E Gold USA you must purchase a Wholesale mold kit. The cost of the mold kit is $224.00 this includes 2nd day FedEx shipping. To Continue with becoming a wholesaler member with our company click the link below to fill out an online application. "APPLICATION CLICK HERE". After you fill out the application we will need 5-10 working days to verify your application. Once the application is approved you will receive an email with a request for Payment of the wholesale kit. Once we receive payment we will then issue you your username and password for the web site.